Choice of climate action or gas and oil confronts Biden as industry fights over building codes

  • 03/04/2022 12:10 pm ET
Joe Biden on the campaign trail


As Republicans and the oil and gas industry (falsely) blame the Biden administration’s efforts to address climate change for contributing to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the gas, a new report concludes one proposed Alaska oil and gas project could undo all of the administration’s efforts to expand renewables on public lands.

The report released by the Center for American Progress found ConocoPhillips’ Willow Project in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska would cause 260 million metric tons of CO2 pollution, far outstripping the administration’s claimed 129 million metric tons of CO2 pollution avoided by renewable energy projects on public lands.

Meanwhile, HuffPost reports, the gas industry is also waging a campaign to kill a provision of model building codes that would aid increased adoption of EVs, an arcane process with major implications.

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