Extinction Rebellion protesters worldwide demand real action on climate emergency

Extinction Rebellion

Activists with Extinction Rebellion held civil disobedience actions in cities around the world over the weekend to demand governments follow through on pledges to curb emissions and stop using fossil fuels. Here in New York, over a dozen people were arrested Saturday as they blocked a busy Manhattan intersection near the historic Flatiron Building. In France, Extinction Rebellion activists forced the closure of a main central square in Paris Saturday, chaining themselves together by their necks using bicycle locks. The protesters say neither of the remaining candidates in France’s runoff presidential election will help prevent climate catastrophe.

Extinction Rebellion member: “Of course, we’re rising up against the far right, whose values are violent and are unacceptable for us, and against a candidate who for five years cast the ecology issue aside and lied. The incumbent President Emmanuel Macron promised us to act for the climate. He claimed to be the champion of the climate. He put in place a citizen’s climate convention so that citizens could give suggestions that will allow for greenhouse gas reductions by 40% by 2030. And in the end, nothing was done.”

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