America has brought a feather to a gunfight

America has brought a feather to a gunfight

In 2012, when 20 students and six adults were gunned down and murdered at their elementary school in Sandy Hook, some Americans foolishly thought that was the last straw. Gun control and background checks and – at minimum – a modicum of safety would follow. How naive of us!

In 2022, there have already been over 200 mass murders and the year isn’t even half over. With today’s installment of evil, an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas is the latest assault on our right not to be killed by a random stranger propped up by 200+ year old musket laws written solely by white male slave holders with wigs.

This “well-regulated militia” – in the form of yet another lone teenager – is surely what our Founding Father would have wanted. After all, the killing of fourteen kids and one adult at Robb Elementary School is just the price to pay for all of our freedoms.

When will America wake up and smell the carnage? When will our nation stop being held hostage by the NRA and other gun lobbies? When will we realize that no other countries behave this way? When will we realize that if guns truly made us safer that  America would be the safest fucking place in the world? Spoiler alert: we’re not.

Nothing is sacred as the poison of guns and mental illness and right-wing ammo cheerleaders have made returning home alive from an errand or a church or a school a modern American miracle.

Houston mayor: “How many more children must lose their lives from senseless gun violence?”

Thoughts and prayers are laughable.

Quoting the Bible solves nothing.

America is broken.

Do something already.



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