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Trump just threatened the federally-protected whistleblower. Wants to out him publicly.

11/04/2019 6:45 am ET Sunny Hundal
Obstruction of Justice: Democrats angry after Trump blocks officials from testifying

Flickr / The White House

Trump keeps calling the impeachment inquiry a “hoax.” Yet, if his Twitter activity from Sunday night is any indication, the President is worried about the process. He tweeted and retweeted roughly 75 times continuing until nearly midnight.

Mimi Rocah, former Fed Prosecutor SDNY, calls out the President’s words as “witness intimidation”:

Not only did Trump have a Twitter tantrum about the whistleblower, he also urged reporters to give up their identity on the White House lawn. Politico released this quote where Trump claims the whistleblower is an “Obama guy”:

“There have been stories written about a certain individual, a male, and they say he’s the whistleblower. If he’s the whistleblower, he has no credibility because he’s a Brennan guy, he’s a Susan Rice guy, he’s an Obama guy. And he hates Trump…Now, maybe it’s not him. But if it’s him, you guys ought to release the information.”

He also made the claim that unmasking the whistleblower would be a “public service,” when, in fact, it would be illegal:

Yet, it would just be another addition to the rising stack of charges against him. Democrats are considering adding ‘Obstruction of Justice’ to the charge-sheet against President Donald Trump after the White House told several officials not to cooperate with the inquiry.

Three officials from the Office of Management and Budget, including the acting budget director, are refusing to show up, citing White House opposition to the inquiry. Their testimony would help determine whether the President withheld foreign aid in an effort to shake down the Ukrainians for a political favor.

Democrats say Trump has ordered officials not to cooperate and should face an obstruction of justice charge among the impeachment charge-sheet.


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