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New poll finds support for impeachment rose steadily during hearings

11/28/2019 9:16 am ET Sunny Hundal

Majority of voters in six battleground states support Impeachment

A new poll has found a massive 76% of American voters think the Trump administration should fully cooperate with the impeachment inquiry. Only 18% think the President shouldn’t do so.

The findings were made public Tuesday evening by a Quinnipiac University poll, and it destroys Trump’s claim the inquiry is a biased, sham trial.

It also found that 59% of Americans say they are paying a lot of attention to impeachment proceedings, while 27% said they are paying some attention. Only 14% say they are paying little or no attention.

Separately, Reuters found that support for impeachment is inching up, despite the noise of various polls. Reuters’ polls found that impeachment support is split right down the party lines with 8 in 10 Democrats in support while 8 in 10 Republicans oppose.

Plus, only 2 in 10 of the Republicans that Reuters polled think “an inquiry would be justified for a president who uses his powers for unfair political advantage over an opponent.”

Bullsh*t polls?

Trump keeps dismissing the polls as usual. But on Tuesday night, a CNN reporter was not having it

Why this matters

If most Americans want Trump to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry, it may put the President in jeopardy should he publicly refuse, as he is expected to do so.

It also destroys another Republican talking point that Americans aren’t paying attention to what is going on.

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