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Trump protects his puppetmaster—blocks NATO anniversary speech on Putin’s threat to West

12/09/2019 9:47 am ET Sunny Hundal
Trump joins with Putin in blocking UN Security Council statement opposing Turkey’s attack on our Kurdish allies

Source: Kremlin

On Tuesday, December 10th, an American security expert was due to speak at an international conference hosted by the US embassy and a Danish think-tank.

But the event was canceled after the US Ambassador to Denmark, Carla Sands, vetoed the participation of the keynote speaker—the expert is a “scholarly critic” of President Trump, according to the New York Times.

Stanley R. Sloan was apparently notified about his exclusion from the event only hours before leaving for Copenhagen.

In protest at Sloan’s barring and the intervention of Sands, the whole event was canceled by the Danish Atlantic Council. The head of the Council wrote to Sloan about the cancellation of his speech saying, “knowing that you do criticise the President of the United States, we believe that Freedom of Speech is paramount in every democracy, and we do not see a conflict between the Freedom of Speech and participating as a Speaker at an international conference.”

Mr. Sloan wrote about the issue on Facebook:

The Danish Atlantic Council has just let me know that, due to my criticisms of President Trump, the American Embassy in Copenhagen under Ambassador Carla Sands has vetoed my participation in the scheduled 10 December celebration of NATO’s 70th anniversary.

Ambassador Sands was appointed to her post as the U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark in November of 2017. Prior to becoming a U.S. Ambassador, Sands worked as a soap opera actress and chiropractor. She organized several fundraisers for Trump’s presidential campaign—donating almost $250,000 to the campaign herself. She also gave another $100,000 to his inaugural committee.

U.S. Embassy account on Twitter claimed that Sloan was a “proposed last-minute inclusion” which is why Sands vetoed his participation. However, they did not offer any proof that this was the case, and the statement released by the Danish Atlantic Council points toward the fact that Sloan was not proposed last minute.

Sloan posted his fully prepared speech to his Facebook profile which focused on Vladimir Putin’s attempts to threaten western democracy.

He had planned to say:

Russia’s strategy is to play on existing divisions among the NATO allies and to create new ones.

In my judgment, President Putin believes that, if the United States retreats from Europe, Europeans will not choose to replace American power with comparable European power.

Putin has constructed a convincing military threat facing the West; he’s mixed it with energy dependence, and with clandestine as well as overt political manipulation, all wrapped up in the comforting cocoon of a peace campaign.

Putin offers complacent Europeans and Americans peace and stability under the Putin model of society and governance, to replace the Western model based on individual liberty, democracy, human rights, tolerance and the rule of law.

Little wonder that the President did not like about it.

Another victory handed to Putin.

But as Morning Joe host and former GOP Representative Joe Scarborough explained last month, Trump is either an “agent of Russia? or a “useful idiot.?

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