‘Something shady is going on’: Defense Secretary’s chief of staff resigns during military crisis

  • 01/07/2020 12:39 pm ET Dara Brewton
Another one bites the dust: Defense secretary's chief of staff resigns

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Since the beginning, Trump’s administration has been a revolving door. Recently, however, the resignations seem to be coming at a much more rapid pace. Just before the holidays, the Pentagon lost five senior officials, and now, Trump’s Defense Secretary has lost his chief of staff.

Eric Chewning, a former Army intelligence officer, is leaving his post as Chief of staff to Sec. Mark Esper to pursue a new job in the “private sector.”

But as some have noted, the timing suggests “something shady is going on.”

There is some speculation that Chewning is leaving because Esper’s office is in turmoil.

Foreign Policy reported on Sunday that senior Pentagon officials have been left out of decisions regarding the situation in Iran. According to an anonymous defense official, “the usual approval process, the decision-making process, did not occur.”

The news of his departure also had this memo recirculating on Twitter:

The loss of the umpteenth member of the Trump administration may not be particularly striking, especially with all the turnover that has gone on in the last three years.

But with the country in one of the biggest military crises in recent memory—on the brink of a shooting war—it should be highly concerning that those working in the Pentagon, especially the chief of staff, are fleeing like rats abandoning a torpedoed ship.

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