‘Slumlord Millionaire’ Jared Kushner still squeezing rent out of his NYC tenants during pandemic

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As the nation rallies together in the face of the devastating COVID-19 global pandemic it appears one individual did not get the memo: Jared Kushner. The son-in-law of President Trump is trying to keep his real-estate empire afloat by squeezing rent out of his tenants.

Even those in New York City which is now the global epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus skyrockets in New York

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On Monday the number of deaths from the coronavirus surged by 124 people in just six hours. This equates to a shocking 2.9 deaths per hour.

There will be a COVID-19 field hospital with 68 beds in New York’s Central Park. The entire city is in lockdown, with bars and restaurants shut and makeshift hospitals in locations like the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

With businesses shuttering up in every borough — staggering numbers of employees are being laid off in a city where two-thirds of people rent their apartments. During this nation-crisis, around 6 million people worry about paying rent.

Kushner squeezing rent out of his tenants

'Slumlord Millionaire' Jared Kushner still squeezing rent out of his NYC tenants during pandemic

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Jared Kushner shares this concern.

Kushner Companies the renter-empire led by the President’s son-in-law owns over 30 buildings in lower-east Manhattan alone. He is so preoccupied with all those people struggling to pay their rent this month he has gone the extra mile of allowing them to pay using a new online platform. They accept money orders, e-checks as well as card payments (for an additional fee).

Kushner’s tenants have been receiving flyers discussing the new way to pay with “no forbearance mentioned to them.”

Governor Cuomo protects NYC tenants

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo suspends student, medical debt during coronavirus crisis

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Luckily not everyone has responded to the crisis with such greed. The tenants being pressured to cough up their rent by Kushner’s company are effectively protected by an executive order from Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York City. Landlords cannot evict tenants until June 20. In addition, there will be no new eviction cases in court until the end of April.

Kushner Companies may not be able to evict their tenants if they fail to pay rent tomorrow. The avalanche of rental notices and pressure to use the online paying platform (which makes no mention of the coronavirus emergency) would suggest otherwise.

Preying on terrified people

hospital bed


As many companies and affluent people are finding ways to help others during the crisis, Kushner is busy trying to turn a profit.

A crisis can bring out both the best and the worst characters. Let’s hope that Governor Cuomo has a louder voice than Jared Kushner.

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