Trump, GOP are now spending millions pushing racist voter suppression. Here are 6 ways to fight back.

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For the GOP and Trump, the fewer people voting the better.

So they plan to spend over $10 million just pushing racist voter suppression in time for the election. Of course, Republicans have been using undemocratic tactics to hold on to their power for years.

For instance, Floridians voted to restore the right to vote to over 1 million felons. But the GOP immediately tried to sabotage the effort.

Democratic counties are fighting back but need your help. So do groups around the country. Here are a few

Hip Hop Caucus

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The Hip Hop Caucus seeks to empower the communities that are most affected by injustice.

Rapper T.I., who is active with the non-profit, urges those with felony records to educate themselves on their rights because change comes “by voting.”

You can learn more about Hip Hop Caucus and their Respect My Vote campaign here.

Restore Your Vote

Voter Registration Election


After a conviction, many people simply assume that they are no longer eligible to vote. However, that may not be true in many states.

The Restore Your Vote campaign is on a mission to spread the word and help people restore their voting rights.

You can learn more about Restore Your Vote’s efforts here.

Restoration of Rights Project

The GOP keeps trying to suppress the vote of ex-offenders. Here’s how you can help fight back. 2

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The Restoration of Rights Project is supported by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

One of the goals of the project is to help “Americans with a criminal record who are seeking to put their past behind them.” It provides summaries of the voting laws in each state to better help advocates and ex-offenders navigate reintegration.

Voting Rights Project

The GOP keeps trying to suppress the vote of ex-offenders. Here’s how you can help fight back. 3

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The ACLU’s Voting Rights Project is working to litigate voter suppression in states across the country. They are also advocating policies that make voting easier for everyone.

Those seeking to help in ACLU’s fight can find more information here.


The GOP keeps trying to suppress the vote of ex-offenders. Here’s how you can help fight back. 4

Flickr / Michael Fleshman

FairVote is pushing for a Right to Vote Amendment to protect this “basic democratic right.”

According to their site, 5 million Americans are disenfranchised due to felony convictions, and in many states, re-enfranchisement is left up to public officials.

FairVote is pushing for an amendment in the Constitution that will “guarantee all American citizens at least 18 years of age” have a “protected individual right to vote.”

You can learn more about FairVote’s work here.

Vote for change

Trump and GOP to spend over $10 million to restrict voting rights in time for election

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Things like gerrymandering, purging voter rolls, and keeping felons disenfranchised are the ways the GOP stays in power. Even President Trump has admitted that making it easier to vote will keep Republicans from getting elected.

If Americans want to see real change, they need to ensure that everyone has a right to vote.

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