‘Don, you got conned by your IT guy’: Twitter can’t get enough of blistering, anti-Trump Republican ads

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It looks like some conservatives have had enough of Donald Trump. Two Republican, anti-Trump groups launched new TV ads attacking the president this week, and Twitterati couldn’t get enough of the blistering commercials.



‘Don, you got conned…by your IT guy’

One of the ads by The Lincoln Project is attempting to rile up Trump against his campaign manager, Brad Parscale, who has reportedly lined his own pockets while working on the president’s reelection.

They posted it to Twitter with the caption, “This is just another example that @realDonaldTrump is the worst manager America has ever seen. Don, you got conned … by your IT guy.”

Trump’s senior advisor Kellyanne Conway, whose husband, conservative attorney George Conway is incidentally the cofounder of The Lincoln Project, the group that launched the ad.

A user gets used

In the spot running on Fox News this week, the narrator lists Parscale’s recent purchases — three Florida properties worth more than $4 million, a private yacht, and a Ferrari. It suggests that he could afford it all, thanks to his work for the Trump campaign.

The ad amused some never-Trumpers because someone was getting rich off of Trump.

Referring to Trump’s narcissism, another Twitter user said Trump would hate that Parscale was in the spotlight instead of him.

‘Trump shouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of being re-elected’

Some Twitter users were disappointed that we even need anti-Trump ads since Trump’s actions (like the impeachment saga, and his coronavirus response) speak loudly for themselves.

Another Republican anti-Trump ad

Another anti-Trump GOP group, Republicans for the Rule of Law, launched an ad in Michigan, the swing state where Trump triumphed by a mere 0.23 percent in 2016. The ad is in response to Trump attacking Michigan’s expansion of voting by mail and threatening to withhold federal dollars over the move.

In response to Trump’s threat, one user on the social media platform even used “Ukraine” as an adjective, referring to Trump’s move of withholding military aid from Ukraine until they announced an investigation into Biden.

Why are they afraid?

Some called the current POTUS a hypocrite because Trump has voted by mail. Once during New York’s mayoral election in 2017. Plus, he cast an absentee ballot during the state’s midterm election the next year and again used a vote-by-mail ballot in Florida’s primary election in 2020.

Let us repeat this, just this spring, Trump, while complaining about vote-by-mail fraud, mailed his absentee primary to Florida to have his vote counted.

Others pointed to the obvious: Trump is terrified that if it’s easier to vote, more people will. Which means, he could lose.

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