Twitter trashes Trump’s worst tweets

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Trump’s destructive Tweets broadcast every type of communication, from terminating members of his administration that he can’t seem to muster the courage to fire in person, to hurling insults at people whose names he may or may not be able to spell.

Considering the fact that the president has used Twitter to make “official” announcements, it is hard to see how the platform can double as a place to innocently express his opinions. So what is Trump really doing with his Twitter feed?

Threatening people

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The president recently retweeted a message of, “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat,” but added a, “thank you”.

The president has also threatened a crackdown on social media platforms after Twitter fact-checked his egregious misinformation about the security of Vote By Mail, but this seems unlikely, based on his dependence on the platform for keeping his supporters whipped into a frenzy. So maybe Twitter should keep posting warnings under trump’s Tweets.

But he has gotten away with threatening people’s safety before:

Threatening nuclear war

A photograph of Kim Jong Un posing on horseback in a snow covered landscape.

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In the end, Trump “fell in love” with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, but first, like so many romantic comedies, the relationship started with them pushing each other’s buttons.

While some responses to this particular specimen of Trump’s destructive Tweets were NSFW, plenty of other people found the whole affair terrifying.

Pretending he’s a superhero

An image of Donald Trump's head superimposed on the body of Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda.


Trump enjoys being portrayed as larger-than-life movie characters, even though he may not quite get the reference.

Or maybe he does get the reference, considering he is on his way to letting the U.S. population get wiped out.

Changing policy

Michael Flynn standing behind a podium

Flickr / U.S. Secretary of Defense

Today, Trump is celebrating GOP congresspeople who blocked a bill that got Mike Flynn caught endangering national security. This may keep his buddies safe, but it could endanger the rest of us. This has stopped the renewal of the Patriot Act, which was established in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

Obliterating science

ABC News

The president uses any means available to promote his own opinions over scientific evidence. DOCTOR Anthony Fauci says that masks can limit the spread of the coronavirus, but Donald Trump’s destructive Tweets are used to turn that FACT into a political debate.

Hydroxychloroquine can cause fatal heart arrhythmias, but the president says, “what have you got to lose?” He wants to prescribe this malaria medication to everyone when he can pronounce it, that is.

Bashing women

Side by side photo of Yovanovitch and Trump


Donald Trump has a special fondness for insulting women and treating them with disrespect. This usually happens when one of them is standing in the way of one of his crooked schemes,

criticizing his leadership,

or asking him a question he can’t answer.

Although, those who are attacked sometimes allow themselves a subtle reply to Trump’s destructive Tweets.

Whipping up conspiracy theories

side by side photo of Trump and Joe Scarborough


The president likes to distract from what’s going on. For instance, he doesn’t like Joe Scarborough’s criticisms, so now he is dragging the memory of a Scarborough staffer who died (decades ago, in a tragic accident) through the mud to give his followers something they can chase down and hype up.

Also still trying to make it look like he is not Putin’s puppet…

What is the one thing Trump doesn’t use Twitter for? Showing respect.

On Memorial Day, the day in which we recognize those who have given the “last full measure,” their lives, in service to this country, Joe Biden used his Twitter feed to honor those heroes.

After offering his own stirring tribute to fallen veterans,

the current occupant of the White House kept to his usual fare, bashing governors for not committing to hosting coronavirus super-spreader events,

keeping racist rhetoric alive while patting himself on the back,

and defending his return to being Golfer in Chief.

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