Twitter users are aflame over devastating Lincoln Project ‘Fox & Fiends’ ad

  • 07/06/2020 5:45 pm ET Sabrina Matthews
Side by side photographs of Fox News hosts Pirro, Hannity, and Carlson.

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The new Lincoln Project ‘Fox & Fiends’ ad shows Fox on-air personalities lying about the severity and spread of the coronavirus.

Twitter users are up in arms about the Fox narrative. Fox personalities seemed determined to back Trump’s muddled failure to protect Americans from COVID-19. Watch the Lincoln Project Fox and Fiends (yes, that spelling is correct), and check out Twitter’s response.

Fox plays politics with US lives

CNN vs Fox: side by side comparison shows how the news is fed to America's two political sides 6

Screenshot / Fox News

Fox personalities ignored the science and downplayed the dangers of the coronavirus. The Lincoln Project Fox & Fiends video shows them telling viewers that news about COVID-19 was a liberal hoax.

Now they are lying about what they said

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Like the president, these on-air personalities seem to have no memory of the past. Or maybe they are just hoping we have no memory of the past.

Rush just has to watch the Lincoln Project Fox & Fiends ad to remember.

Fox acts like it’s an innocent mistake: ‘Hindsight is 2020’

A hand holding a camera lens


Fox on-air personalities now act like they just found out about the coronavirus. Or they just found out about masks now that some Republicans are “allowing that freedom” — that freedom to wear a mask in order to stop the spread of a deadly disease.

The Fox lights are on, but nobody’s home

Matthews Gertz / Twitter Screenshot

If Fox personalities aren’t worried about COVID-19, why aren’t they in the studio together? One thing the Lincoln Project Fox & Fiends ad may not show is that Fox commentators are socially distanced. Like another on-air personality (the president), these pundits send their followers out to risk infection and infect others while keeping themselves safe at home.

Voters have to decide between facts and Fox

Cartoon television with the Fox News logo on the screen

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Fox viewers are presented with an alternate reality. While calling themselves “news” they depart opinions that favor the president but endanger Americans.

The Lincoln Project Fox ad won’t let you forget what the fiends said about the coronavirus.

This is criminal

Photo showing a jail cell


A recent study shows that Fox viewers were actually less likely to take COVID-19 seriously. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research findings, “a persuasion rate of Fox News on non-compliance with stay-at-home behavior during the crisis of about 11.9% - 25.7%.”

What you see in the Lincoln Project Fox & Fiends ad could be evidence of the crime.

The Lincoln Project is all over Trump’s horrible presidency

Trump begs "like a dog": Lincoln Project's brutal new ad is a real sucker-punch

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The Lincoln Project Fox & Fiends ad is just one of their anti-Trump ads. Spitting out ad after ad that go viral, the Lincoln Project has taken on the president’s love for Confederates, and how many times China has rolled President “Art of the Deal” over in the clover. They’ve covered Trump’s ties to Russia, and his failure to protect American troops from Russia’s bounty hunters.

The Lincoln Project ads to be driving Trump crazy

A photograph of Trump with Crazy Hair

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The Lincoln Project Fox ad is just one more bit of truth bothering the president.

Meanwhile, the lies — I mean ‘hits’ keep on coming

A photograph of Jeffrey Epstein and fellow sexual predator Ghislaine Maxwell.

Screenshot / Youtube

Now that all eyes are on Ghislaine Maxwell, Fox is already trying to distort that evidence. Despite Bill Barr‘s efforts to thwart the New York US attorney’s work, the prosecution of Maxwell is moving forward. Maybe the next Lincoln Project Fox ad will be about that…

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