Lincoln Project ad tells America to ‘Wake up!’ as ‘a new wave of hate’ spreads led by Trump

'Wake up!': New ad asks Americans to embody the spirit of John Lewis and vote out hate in November

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The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump, ex-GOP group, released a powerful video over the weekend celebrating the remarkable life of Representative John Lewis, an original Freedom Rider. It is called “Wake Up!”

The moving video starts with footage of Lewis during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. The narrator talks about his courage and strength, “He was jailed and beaten, but never bowed.” The ad then moves on to more recent history showing Lewis being embraced by former President Obama.

Today, America is in another crisis and a new wave of hate is once again embraced by the powerful

The footage moves on to show Black Lives Matter marches and the retaliation by the police force. The narrator reminds viewers to look to the courage of Lewis who never gave up. “Now,” the voice says, “it’s our turn.”


We still have work to do

Civil rights monument in Virginia

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Twitter users recognize that the fight isn’t over.

End voter suppression

A photograph of protesters holding signs for voting rights.

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The GOP are still actively trying to suppress the people’s right to vote.

America could be Nirvana

A photograph of a woman waving an American flag while sitting in a sunny field.


If everyone did a little, we could all have so much.

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