GOP group’s blistering ad explains why we need a landslide to beat the Cheater-In-Chief

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To the naked eye, it would appear that Donald Trump is losing the election. Joe Biden is leading in the six battleground states.

The latest polls pit the Democrat candidate ahead of the President. Trump is failing even in those states where Republicans should win. While it all seems like great news, an anti-Trump GOP group warns we can’t get “complacent.”


The Republican-led Lincoln Project warns us, “We can’t take anything for granted” in their latest ad titled Complacent.

Twitter is anything but “Complacent.”

Know thy enemy

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The Lincoln Project is a political action committee led by a group of Republicans united against Trump. George Conway, the husband to Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway, is one of the founding members.

Donald Trump is arguably the most divisive President in the history of the United States. He has broken apart families who disagree on party alliances. States battled over limited supplies of personal protective equipment during a pandemic due to Trump’s lack of leadership.

Even loyal Republicans are turning against their own party to save the nation. The Lincoln Project’s sole aim is to prevent the reelection of Donald Trump in November.

Trump will lie, cheat, and steal to win

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The message behind “Complacent” is crystal clear. Donald Trump will do anything to win the election, and complacency is dangerous.

Could he sabotage the election by dismantling the postal service?

Trump has admitted he is against extra funding to the United States Postal Service to make it harder to deliver mail-in ballots. Some critics fear the President would not step down if he lost the election. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) warned the President might invoke a state of national emergency in time to suspend the Constitution.

In this latest ad, the Lincoln Project suggests that the President will do anything to stay in power.

Trump is not the only one with an expiry date

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The Lincoln Project took the opportunity of their latest video to remind us of a message oft-repeated in their ads: Trump is not the only Republican we need to vote out of office.

In “Complacent”, the female narrator warns us of the GOP “enablers” who brought Trump to office and will fight to keep him in the White House. They need to go too.

Twitter heads to the voting booth

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The ad inspired many users to urge fellow Democrats or anti-Trump Republicans to remember to vote. The comments included an outpouring of advice on the best way to ensure your vote makes a difference.

The jury is out on mail-in voting

America needs to go postal! (In November) 1

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With the recent allegations that Trump could be deliberately slowing down the United States Postal Service, users caution that mail-in votes would be better delivered in-person to a secure ballot box.

Twitter had ideas for the election

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Whether it is in person, electronically, or by in-mail ballot, the most important thing is to get your vote in. On the topic of the election, some users also had ideas for new campaign ads or series for Netflix.

‘Complacent’ inspired some visual keepers

Multiple vintage cameras


As always, many users posted photos and cartoons which were worthy of a thousand tweets.

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