‘Christians are selling out to a false prophet’: 7 ex-Trump voters speak out

Poster of Trump on a brick wall that says nope


When Donald Trump is up for reelection, even tuna fish sandwiches look like they would make a better President.

Republicans Against Trump is, as the name suggests, a group for former party loyalists. They will now be voting Democrat for the first time to ensure America does not endure another four years of dangerous, self-serving narcissism.

In June, we highlighted some stories of ex-Trump voters who would not be making the same mistake again. Two months later, the list is growing. Like a victims’ support group, Republicans Voters Against Trump brings together Americans who hoped a vote for Trump would usher in an era of change. Instead, they share experiences of feeling betrayed, angered, and appalled the past four years.

Former Trump chief-of-staff, Miles Taylor, and these six other ex-Trump voters have had enough.

Trump wanted to fuel his own agenda

Miles Taylor was the Chief-of-Staff in the Department of Homeland Security under Trump’s administration. In his opinion, the biggest threat to national security is the President of the United States, and he has had first-hand experience of the President’s “terrifying” behavior in office.

Taylor recently joined the Republican Voters Against Trump. He brought shocking information about the behavior of the President in office.

His team would brief the President on an issue of national security; a “cyberattack, terrorism threat.” However, Trump “wasn’t interested in those things,” Miles explained.

To him, they weren’t priorities. The president wanted to exploit the Department of Homeland Security for his own political purposes and to fuel his own agenda.

Miles gave some chilling examples. During the California wildfires, Trump ordered the Federal Emergency Management Agency to cut funding. “He told us to stop giving money to people whose houses have burned down from a wildfire, because he was so rageful that people in the state of California didn’t support him, and that politically it wasn’t a base for him.”

Later, Trump ordered a policy of “deliberately ripping children away from their parents at the border.” This was to discourage people from coming to the border. Miles says that the President often wanted things that were “not only impossible, but also illegal.”

Miles quoted the President as boasting he had “magical authorities.” He confided that within the Trump administration, people are saying, “just wait until the second term. It’ll be no holds barred, it’ll be shock and awe, we’ll do what we want.”

Miles is not a Democrat. After what he has experienced in the Trump administration, however, he will “support Joe Biden.”

This veteran voted for Mickey Mouse over Trump

Charles Hurley is a retired fire chief, a veteran, and a Republican. Since he first registered to vote in 1978, he has voted Republican every time. Until now. In Oregan’s primary election, he nominated “Micky Mouse.” Charles explained, “because quite frankly, I think he’d do a better job than Donald Trump.”

Voting for Trump in 2016 was a “monumental mistake.” He will not make the same mistake again. Charles said he “would vote for anyone, almost anyone, before I would vote for Donald Trump.” Here’s why:

I cannot stand the leader of our country, who is always referred to as the leader of the free world. To be a pathological liar and someone who is so toxic and so insulting. The recent events, the pandemic, watching him conduct himself in such a buffoonish manner is sickening to me. I have become so disillusioned with the Republican party and what it stands for and what it’s become under Donald Trump. And I simply can’t sit by any longer.

Charles is sad but sure, “As much as it breaks my heart, I will not be voting Republican this year.”

Trump will take our country ‘down the darkest path in its history’

Tommy is from West Texas. He calls himself a “lifelong Republican,” and he has never voted Democrat in his life. Tommy says he is a “straight Republican ticket, Republican, conservative.” He admits that he had reservations about the vote he cast for Donald Trump in 2016, but in his neck of the woods, the rallying cry was “at least he’s not Hillary Clinton.”

A born Christian, Tommy is embarrassed by Donald Trump. “Character and morals and values are big to me and my family,” he explains. “The hardest thing to watch in the last four or five years with all of this has been the evangelical Christians sell out to this false prophet.” Trump tries to win over the hearts and votes of Christian Americans. And yet…

He can’t quote a Bible verse. The stunt that he pulled at St.Joseph’s the other day was absolutely embarrassing.

Tommy will be voting for Biden this November. Another four years of Donald Trump, he warns, and “our country will go down the darkest path in its history.”

If this is what being a Christian is, how can you support this?

Joseph Edgehill is an immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago. After 20 years in the country, he is now a naturalized United States citizen and a proud American. He was attracted to Donald Trump as a candidate because “he was different.” Unlike the other candidates, “he just did not sound like a politician at all.” Joseph was interested, and even “partly amused.” Then he began to see the red flags. Donald Trump was not just “playing games.”

That was who he really was.

He was as outrageous, or even more so than he appeared by his behavior and words. Finally, after Trump’s appalling handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the death of George Floyd, Joseph realized, “I can’t support this anymore.”

What disturbs Joseph most about Trump is the fact that Christians continue to support him.

I guess I’m just absolutely amazed that people who are supposedly good moral people, God-fearing people cannot see through the horrible, despicable character of this man and continue to support defend the most ludicrous things that he says. That’s the group of people that puzzle me.

It has gotten to the point, Joseph confides, that “I don’t even want to be a Christian anymore. If this is what being a Christian is, how can you support this?”

Joseph will be voting across the board for Democratic candidates this November.

End this national nightmare

Meet Mike. He is from St.Louis, Missouri. It hurts him to say it, but in 2016 “I voted for Donald Trump.” He will be voting for Biden in November, because as he speaks to the camera, “COVID-19 rages on, 170,000 Americans are dead, the economy is in the toilet, and millions are out of work.”

Donald Trump encouraged Americans to inject bleach into their bodies. He called the pandemic a hoax. Mike spoke about all the Americans whose lives have been uprooted due to the President’s “dangerous incompetence and ineptitude.”

Mike mentioned the millions of Americans waiting for their medicine through the U.S. Postal Service. The same postal service that Donald Trump is deliberately slowing down in an “effort to disenfranchise voters, to discourage people from voting.”

To downright rig the election in 2020 is the behavior of dictators and despots, not US presidents.

Like many other Americans, Mike feels on the verge of “low-grade depression going on Trump trauma.” There’s a lot of folks out there who are “nervous, who are scared.” He urges his fellow Americans to channel their despair and help “end this national nightmare.”

Mike cannot, with a clear conscience, vote for Donald Trump again. He will be doing everything he can to make sure Joe and Kamala win in November. With another four years of Trump, “America would be unrecognizable.”

Trump turned me into a Democrat

Matthew Lieberman lives just west of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. He was once a diehard Republican. Trump turned him into a Democrat.

For Matthew, the turning point came in 2017, when “we nearly lost the Affordable Care Act.” The final straw came “when he mocked the disabled reporter from the New York Times.” Abraham Lincoln founded the Republican Party on “moral dignity and integrity, and the rule of law and family values,” he said.

Thanks to Donald Trump, they are now the “party of anger, bigotry, corruption, cynicism, deception, division, fear, greed, hatred, and violence.”

Matthew will be voting for Joe Biden in November. He believes the Democrat leader can restore “moral leadership and dignity and integrity back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Trump is the greatest danger to democracy in the world

Nathan was raised a Republican his whole life. He grew up in Florida and voted for every single Republican President since Bush. Including Donald Trump, a decision he “regrets every day of his life.”

Growing up, Nathan thought the Republican Party was the party of “American values, of constitutional values, of family values, of Christian values.” Now, he is “absolutely appalled” by what Trump has done to the country.

His complete antagonizing and limited freedoms of the LGBTQ community of minorities, immigrants, women. Trump’s behavior, his rhetoric, his 20,000 plus false and misleading statements that are unprecedented in American politics.

Nathan is afraid of what Trump means for America and beyond. He believes Trump is: “the greatest danger to democracy and the world right now.”

He calls on anyone who wants to “end this authoritarian regime by this narcissist, race-baiting, divisive president, this demagogue” to “vote for Joe Biden this November.”

Trump has lied to the American people. He promised health care, yet only cared for himself and his popularity ratings. While his supporters attended rallies, wearing hopeful “Make America Great Again” slogans, the President has only brought poverty and pain to millions. When environmental action was needed, he took America out of the Paris Climate Agreement. At a time when global solidarity was called for, he started trade wars. When his nation faced the most deadly pandemic in their living history, Donald Trump headed to the golf course.

These and many other reasons will have these former Republican voters casting their ballot for Biden. Make sure you’re ready to vote on November 3rd.

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