‘A nepotism job’: Rudy Giuliani’s son gets $90,000 at White House as ‘Sports Liaison’

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Rudy Giuliani is diligently attempting to drum up a nepotism claim against former Vice President Joe Biden—even though his own son is the one with a sweet nepotism gig in the White House!

Giuliani claimed he was in possession of “photos and documents” proving Hunter Biden was able to turn a profit in Ukraine because his father was vice president. The former NYC mayor gave his information to the New York Post, which released the “Biden Secret E-Mails” article on October 14th.

How dubious is the story? Even Fox News turned it down!

Russian Intelligence and the Hunter Biden email story

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The NY Times further explains that Giuliani has been working “to smear Joe Biden” with the help of Andriy Derkach, who the Department of Treasury says is  “an active Russian agent for over a decade, maintaining close connections with the Russian intelligence services.”

A former chief of Russia operations at the CIA called Giuliani “exactly the kind of personality that Russian intelligence services would look to take advantage of.”

So this effort looks to be part of the broad Russian disinformation attack on our election, which includes casting doubt on the integrity of mail in voting.

The truth is that the main impact of the high rate of mail-in ballots is that we shouldn’t expect to know the final outcome of the election the moment the polls close on November 3rd.

If Mayor Rudy wanted to shine a light on nepotism, he didn’t have to go to all the trouble of spreading Russian misinformation via the New York Post. In fact, he didn’t have to look any further than his own son.

White House Sports Liaison Andrew Giuliani

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Andrew Giuliani is cozily employed as a ‘Sports Liaison’ at the White House.

Many may remember Giuliani’s son as the little boy that upstaged his dad’s mayoral inauguration or as the Duke alum who brought a lawsuit against the school after he was kicked off the golf team for breaking clubs and throwing an apple.

While the elder Giuliani claims it isn’t the usual “hire my kid” situation, many inside the White House have called it “a nepotism job.” The younger Giuliani gets paid in excess of $90,000 per year to help arrange the visits of sports’ teams. His only relevant experience to his current job title appears to be the fact that he golfs.

Or as one former senior White House official says, “He’s just having a nice time.”

When this story first broke back in 2019, people questioned its veracity, but Snopes verified that, yes, this story is “True.” In fact, Snopes even included this meme in the story:

'A nepotism job': Rudy Giuliani's son gets $90,000 at White House as 'Sports Liaison' 1

Still hard at work?

Andrew Giuliani at an event


Andrew Giuliani still maintains his position in the White House, and he was recently back in the spotlight when he defended the president’s claim about Big Ten Football. Trump claims that he “brought back” the season.

The Sports’ Liason gave the President the win even though “Buckeye parents push back” against the claim. “We were in constant communication, with the Big Ten, with their officials, with athletic directors, players, coaches and parents,” said Giuliani.

It seems to some that Andrew has a penchant for spreading misinformation just like his father.

Spreading like wildfire

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Rudy’s effort to spread the dubious Hunter Biden story is just one example in a sea of misinformation. Conspiracy theories and false stories abound in the election cycle, many of them pushed by Russai. Nearly every aspect of the election process is being attacked—from false reports about the candidates to mail-in-voting information.

The number of absentee ballots being used in this election are often a target of false information. It is acceptable for the number to be so high considering we are in an ongoing pandemic. For high-risk voters, heading to the polls in person may be too hazardous with COVID cases continuing to trend upwards across the country.

Your vote is important — everyone’s vote is important. So, let’s chill out and let them all be counted.

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