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‘Only the weak fear competition’: Walsh, Weld and Sanford slam Trump as a ‘coward’ for rigging 2020 nomination

09/17/2019 10:21 am ET
Joe Walsh says he is challenging Trump 'to make the moral case against him'

Screenshot / CNN

Republican officials across the country are hurriedly changing the rules to stop any challengers to President Trump in primary contests.

In Michigan, the local Republican party has changed the rules of the primary to make it much harder for challengers, MLive reported on Sunday 15th September. Now challengers need to get at least 20% of the vote to gain any Michigan delegates, a sharp jump from the 15% bar that candidates needed to clear in 2016.

Michigan isn’t the first state to do this. GOP party leaders in Arizona, Kansas, Nevada, and South Carolina have similarly tried to deny Republican voters an opportunity to have their voices heard in the 2020 primary, say critics.

Some states are going as far as canceling their state’s respective primary altogether.

“The saying ‘may the best man win’ is a quintessential value that the Republican Party must honor if we are to command the respect of the American people,” wrote three of the challengers in a joint article published in the Washington Post on September 13th.

“Cowards run from fights,” they added. “Only the weak fear competition.”

The three candidates challenging Trump for the Republican nomination are: former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld; former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh; and Mark Sanford, former South Carolina governor and representative.