‘I am starting to regret my vote for Trump’: The week’s most humorous or blistering anti-Trump ads

America or Trump?

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Less than 100 days away from the election and anti-Trump GOP groups, like MeidasTouch and The Lincoln Project, are ramping up ads now more than ever.

Here’s your weekly round-up of anti-Trump ads in one convenient place.


The Joe Biden campaign kicked the weekend off with an anti-Trump ad explaining “How to Build Back Better.” Biden effectively and eloquently reassures voters that he won’t just rebuild the America that Trump has destroyed: he’ll build it up better than before.

The same day, Biden tweeted a short ad about the irony of Trump building a wall to keep other countries out of America, but how his failure to contain the Coronavirus has kept us out of other countries.


MeidasTouch reminded us that pride in the LGBTQ+ community is year-round with their new dynamic ad “Vote Proud: Enough Is Enough.” This anti-Trump ad encouraged LGBTQ+ voters to show up at the polls this November and #VoteProud to get Trump out by reminding everyone of his anti-queer discriminatory policies.

In The Lincoln Project’s Monday ad, simply titled “Regret,” a stand-up comic with a laundry list of Trump’s shortcomings as president.



On Tuesday, the Biden Campaign gave us “Swing,” an anti-Trump ad centered around how, “Once again, Donald Trump’s failed leadership is hitting seniors the hardest.”

This Lincoln Project ad, “Moving Day,” put the Trump evictions and foreclosures during the pandemic in the forefront of the our minds. In the words of The Lincoln Project, we’re reminded that our vote this November is ‘America or Trump.’

With Kamala Harris announced as Biden’s running mate, The Lincoln Project dropped an additional ad supporting Harris and expressed the differences between the perfect candidates for our country right now, while reminding viewers of Trump’s failure to uphold American values.


MeidasTouch’s new ad “Prosecute Trump” shows Kamala Harris’ strengths as a prosecutor, while Harris lets voters know that if she and Biden get the ticket, “the case against Donald Trump and Mike Pence is open and shut.”


Thursday brought us a new VoteVets anti-Trump ad called “War on USPS,” interpreting the ways Trump has recently disadvantaged the postal service as a war against democracy.

Republican Voters Against Trump dropped an ad discussing the criminal negligence of Trump’s coronavirus response.

Late on Thursday evening, MeidasTouch released another zinger. “Trump Emptied Stadiums” also focuses on his fumbling of the coronavirus pandemic.


Lincoln Project dropped “Unprecedented” on Friday morning, and it made quite a stir on Twitter. By noon, the video had already been retweeted more than 25,000 times.

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