‘Just what does Maxwell have on Trump?’ All the anti-Trump ads you may have missed this week

'Just what does Maxwell have on Trump?' All the anti-Trump ads you may have missed this week

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With even GOP groups joining in the fight to get Biden elected, the anti-Trump ads are coming out hot and heavy. With so many ad-makers to keep on your radar, it is easy to miss a really killer ad.

Here is a collection of 19 ads that came out in the past week—including 3 on Trump wishing accused child abuser Ghislaine Maxwell “well”!


MeidasTouch apparently doesn’t rest on the weekends! They dropped “Trump Threatens America” last Saturday:

The Lincoln Project also doesn’t slack off on the weekends. They released this anti-Trump ad simply titled “Wall”:


The “Unpresidented Idiot” was released by MeidasTouch one day after they dropped “Trump Threatens America”:

Don Winslow Films released the ad #KeepYourChildHome:

Another Sunday anti-Trump ad. This one by The Lincoln Project celebrates the spirit of Rep. John Lewis:


After a very busy weekend, The Lincoln Project also dropped a monster on Monday. “How It Starts” has been viewed over a million times, and people are calling it “chillingly true.”


Republican Voters Against Trump decided to show Trump “The Death Chart” he asked for in the Wallace interview:

After a very busy weekend, MeidasTouch took a day off before posting “Enough is Enough” on Tuesday:

Not all anti-Trump ads are full of gloom, “Trumpfeld” comes with its own laugh track:


Republican Voters Against Trump confronted the President about his well wishes to accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell:


The Biden campaign put out this ad called Crossroads:

MeidasTouch is running this anti-Trump ad in Texas:

Also released on Thursday was VoteVets anti-Trump ad about the president’s veto threat:

The Lincoln Project gave us a video spot about our “wartime” president and his “surrender” to the #TrumpVirus:



Many people woke up on Friday with a new VoteVets ad to watch:

Republican Voters Against Trump posted this ad that is being run in a Pennsylvania TV campaign:

“Maxwell” was released by The Lincoln Project:

Late on Friday night, Don Winslow Films dropped #AmericasGreatestMistake:

The Lincoln Project couldn’t fit all their material in the first “Maxwell” video, so they released a part 2 before the sun came up:

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