‘Dumbest man in America’: A dozen blistering anti-Trump ads from just the past week

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Anti-Trump ads are coming fast and furious as election season roars ahead. MeidasTouch, The Lincoln Project, Republican Voters Against Trump, and more have dropped new videos this week. Many use the president’s words against him — and there is no shortage of damning material to choose from.

Here are a dozen viral videos from just the past week calling on Americans to end this leadership nightmare and Elect Joe Biden—including a hilarious spoof of the Axios interview featuring “the dumbest man in America”!

Trump has no plan

When Chris Wallace pointed out that Trump had produced no new health plan in office in 3.5 years, the President said, “We’re signing a healthcare plan within two weeks.”

Two weeks have come and gone since that catastrophic Fox News Sunday interview. Meanwhile, #TrumpHasNoPlan has burned its way through Twitter.

Anti-Trump MOMS

The Lincoln Project knows no one loves you like your mother does. And moms are not feeling the way this president is attacking their babies. This anti-Trump ad is loaded with amazing footage of moms standing together to protect their kids from “paramilitary thugs.”

“They’re working moms. Soccer moms. Stay at home moms. Black, white, Latina, and Asian, straight, gay.” Never piss off a mom.

It’s not just anti-Trump ads: The Lincoln Project burns McConnell for his dawdling

The Lincoln Project is back. The ruthless Republicans whose aim is to stop the reelection of Trump and his enablers in November have released another incinerating ad. “In the midst of the worse economic crisis in decades and with COVID’s death toll rising, Republicans have delayed vital economic support for American families.”

Sherman, set the Wayback Machine for July 28

We interrupt last week’s Trumpfoolery to look at a gem from the week before: Jonathon Swan’s 38 minute interview of the president for Axios. The world can’t stop talking about those fatal 38 minutes, which may prove to be the most effective anti-Trump ad yet.

Among the “highlights” is Trump’s chilling — and now infamous — response to the number of COVID-19 deaths in the United States: “It is what it is.”

There’s a new kid in town

After Jonathan Swan’s epic and revealing interview of Trump went viral, Justin T. Brown posted a remix of the Axios interview in which Trump talks to himself. Literally. Even with two Trumps, nothing is getting done.

Twitter users are already looking forward to more from @JuuustinBrown

Team Trump tanks

After Team Trump put out an ad in which a woman holds up placards explaining why she will not be voting for Biden. Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) simply changed the words on each sign, transformed the message into a brutal anti-Trump ad.

Team Trump effectively handed their own head in on a platter: RVAT shared it on Twitter telling Trump they “fixed it” for him.

(If you want to see the original falsehood-filled ad, it’s here.)

‘Frozen like a deer in the headlights,’ Biden’s new anti-Trump ad

“Too scared to act. Too panicked to tell the truth. Too weak to lead” The Joe Biden campaign’s new anti-Trump ad shows frame by frame proof of how Donald Trump is “no president at all.”

‘For the 22nd time Trump’s been accused of sexual misconduct’

MeidasTouch showcases one of Trump’s truly vile aspects; his penchant for sexually harassing women. This anti-trump ad meshes some of the things Trump has said about women over the years with interviews of the women who claim he sexually assaulted them. There is also footage of Trump partying with convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein.

Warning! The sleaziness in this video may cause you to need a shower after watching. Or to check out #HoldTrumpAccountable.

Noam Chomsky lays out an existential crisis

World-renowned scientist and philosopher Noam Chomsky lays it out in no uncertain terms: Trump is the “worst person in the world” to lead if we are to combat the “impending catastrophic climate disaster.” This is not your usual anti-trump ad, and we don’t just have to #VoteTrumpOut.

Chomsky lays out reasons to vote for Joe Biden and gives a quick but powerful lesson in how we keep on after election day to get out of the mess we’re in. “We have until 2030 to avoid catastrophe.”

‘Ask yourself, Republicans: do you want the rule of law, or Trump?’

Trump is not the only Republican whose words make a damning anti-Trump ad voiceover. MeidasTouch pits Utah Senator Mitt Romney’s moral fortitude against Trump’s…lack of moral fortitude. The only senator who voted guilty during Trump’s impeachment, Romney’s honesty holds up as a standard that Trump clearly does not meet.

Millions of Americans watched Romney’s powerful speech on the day he voted to convict Trump of impeachable offenses. And now it’s back, featured in a new Meidas Touch video. “Ask yourself, Republicans: do you want the rule of law, or Trump?”

Republican Vets Against Trump cry ‘Coward’

Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) dropped a one-minute anti-Trump spot featuring veterans of all branches of the US military. Most of them were life-long conservatives and Republican voters. But this November, #VeteransAgainstTrump want “Private Bone Spurs” out of the White House, and they are voting Joe Biden.

#TrumpHoaxedAmerica proves anti-Trump ads write themselves

In this 75 second anti-Trump ad, MeidasTouch collates footage of Trump dismissing climate change, Russian collusion, and the coronavirus. He calls each of these “a hoax.” The hoax is inside the White House, Mr. President.

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